Jan 7, 2016

She Leaves Today...

We didn't realize we were making memories.
We just knew we were having fun...

So far we have had a really good time with Danielle, but like everything else this 
is also coming to an end.  Yesterday was her last day with us and we sure made the most of it.

For starters she and I out for breakfast.  Then we will to The Galleria Mall and did some
 more shopping and of course check out the Starbucks as we always do.  We both enjoy this.

Arvid met us there for lunch and of course we went to our favorite restaurant there
which is PG Changs.  Danielle likes it also because when in Chicago the 3 
of us go there quite often.  I really enjoyed our day together.

Later on in the evening the 3 of us went to the Dine-In-Movie Theater.  We 
wanted to take her there to experience it.  Danielle says she has been to one before, but 
wanted to go with us.  She says we are fun to be with and we all have a good time together.

It was very sad to see her go, but that's life.  She now goes back home for a few days and then
she's on her way to London to experience life, school and work in the writing field.  Yes,
 she writes.  She has been published in magazines, she has won a few prizes and
 her goal is to become an editor with one of the top notch companies.
  As she said to us.  "I want to start out with the best there is."

  For the days Danielle was with us life was easy going and not much room to spend
with sadness.  Always happy to have one of my nieces or nephews stay with us.

When Arvid's family visit they come for a much longer time.  They are also now all
grown up and they stay on their own.  When they were younger they stayed with us.  Now
I'm happy to say my nieces and nephews are at the age where we can still have them.

Rain is predicted for many days to come.  The weather for us Floridians is a little chilly,
but for anyone visiting like my niece it seems to be fine.  My niece is one of the few
 people I know who does not like taking pictures nor posting pictures.

 So far she has not posted a single palm tree nor has she tagged herself to any location.
 She is very low key when it comes to her privacy; something Arvid says he admires very much.
  I take pictures of her and she's not happy about it, but lets me.  Says she does not need
 the world to know her every move.  As Arvid says, "smart girl.  I like that." He also said
to me, "you should do the same."  Who knows maybe they know something.

I've always believed in savoring the moments. In the end, they are the only things
 we'll have.  I guess they're called moments because they don't last very long...