Jan 17, 2016


A Sunday well spent brings a week of content...

Was hoping for another sunny day, but not so.  Raining, wet, and ugly right now,
but at least the temperatures are warm.  Much warmer than most places right now.

These are the places our families live in.  As you can see winter is harsh to them.
At least one family member will soon be visiting the Sunshine State.  Arvid's eldest
daughter and boyfriend come every February and stay for several weeks.  

Summertime we live in Chicago.  At that time it is beautiful.  Not right now.
We also have a condo in Mexico where the weather is stable throughout the year.

Arvid and I had a very pleasant evening with friends.  A few drinks and before you know
 it everyone was in a very jolly mood.  Good time with friends always the best.

We also enjoyed dinner with some Norwegian friends.  At our latest steak restaurant.

It is still wet here.  We have plans to go somewhere and sit outdoors for our Sunday 
outing.  If this weather holds, a change of plans is called for.  Lots of soccer today so Arvid
is happy.  I plan to do some indoor work and who knows maybe a little outing.

Shadow finds all the smallest places to crawl into.  Somehow Arvid's paperwork is always
messed up.  So far Arvid has been pretty cool about the "mess"  How long will it last?

Happy Sunday to all of you.

We can choose to be grateful no matter what.
Relax and have a peaceful Sunday...