Jan 28, 2016

Rainy Day... AGAIN

Rainy days are perfect days to watch TV and cuddle.
Some people feel the rain others just get wet...

I may not have everything I want right now, but I sure am grateful for what I have right 
now, and I am not referring to material things.  More to what really matters, and 
the people in my life.  Many live only to brag about their lives.  All I want is 
something that will ever be granted ever again, yet even so what I have
 with Arvid is what keeps us strong and united.  For that i am grateful.

A few minutes after the above picture was taken, Brutus died.  A light in 
our lives was shut off.  Another spark entered our lives in the form of shadow.

I don't ever forget that though Brutus died life goes on.  At least I tell myself that quite often.
 For it is not fair to Arvid and Shadow to have someone moping around all the time.

The day has started out with rain showers and is kinda gloomy looking, but we work from
home so for us that's OK.  Tomorrow is another day and maybe we see the sunshine a little.
Many tourists at this time of the year in Florida.  Not the beach weather the expected.

February Arvid's daughter and boyfriend will also be visiting, and thank goodness that
the "worst" of this weather will have left.  No matter what coming from Norway or
 any other cold part of the world, Florida's weather is always perfect for them.

Shadows chicken and carrots are in the making.  I have already enjoyed my cafe,
so for me the day is already looking up.  I woke up.  I breathe.. I'm alive.

If you want the Rainbow you gotta put up with the Rain.
Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday...