Aug 6, 2016

Feels Good...

Life is too short to start your day with broken pieces of yesterday,
it will definitely destroy your wonderful today and ruin your great tomorrow...

Getting home after a long time away makes for lots of cleaning, and with Sniffer we had 
extra hair all over the place to deal with.  Not a problem.  Did the same when we 
came back home to Brutus.  Sniffer was happy (I think), he ran in circles,
 and dropped at our feet as much as possible. Yes, he was happy.

Sniff Sniff does not like getting picked up too much.  Same as Shadow.  Maybe because
both are/were still babies.  Brutus on the other hand loved being picked up and 
carried around.  That we did and I loved it and miss it so much.  

Even so I picked Sniff up and held him for a long time.  He got some brushing, soft
 foodies and lots of attention.  As with all kitties he was all over the suitcases.  That night
and the following night he slept with us throughout the night, cuddled up right next to me.

Right before we left for Norway, Sniff developed the habit of jumping up between Arvid's
 legs as soon as Arvid sat down to watch TV.  Arvid sits, Sniff jumps up and he sleeps 
and sleeps.  Arvid being Arvid sits very still.  He had lots of practise with Brutus. 
 Sniff and him are both happy.  Seeing them this way makes me smile.

The weekend is looking amazing!  We arrived in Chicago on Wednesday afternoon, 
and that same evening we went to Buddy Guy's Legends.  Had good food and 
we enjoyed Albert Castiglia's music.  By midnight we were exhausted.

We are now all caught up with the time zone and our bodies are fully rested.
I had a stomach problem all day yesterday, but today much better.  Arvid is a happy busy
 camper as always.  Sniffer is currently laying next to him on the copying machine. 
Our world is complete.  We are home and there is nothing better that that.

If you can lie down at night, knowing in your heart that you made 
someone's day just a little bit better, you know you had a good day...