Aug 3, 2016

We Are Going Home..

Home is the starting place of love, hope ad dreams...

Our journey back home from Norway to Chicago began yesterday, Tuesday. 
 We flew from Oslo to JFK in New York.  Got in late into JFK so all that 
we did was get the bags and head straight to the hotel.

Today is the second leg of our journey and it will take us home to The kitties. 
 Sniff Sniff is home and though we have been told that he has not missed us much, 
I'm sure he will be as excited to see us as we him.  Can't wait now!

It's been a long few days, but soon it will be over.  Arvid says that we will be going to 
Buddy Guys Legends (Blues Club in Chicago) tonight.  I would so much rather just stay home. 
Only with Sniff and relax, but the guy playing tonight at the club is our friend from Florida, 
Albert Castiglia.  Albert played the song Arvid wrote for Brutus and I. Baby Please
 Don't Go, is the name of the song.  For that I will always be grateful.

I miss my Brutus very much.  It is so strange to go back home after being in Norway and
 not see that little face waiting for us.  We will see Sniffer's face and it's a really cute one.

Someone asked me, "did you miss Sniff very much?"  Strange as it may seem my answer was,
 "I actually missed Brutus and thought about him most of the time."  It will change I guess.
 It will get better I'm sure.  Sniff right now is at home. He's waiting for us and we can't
 wait to see his face and how he will act when we walk in the door.  I love my Sniff 
very much. He's precious and we are fortunate to have him.  My heart is missing 
my Brutus and grieves for Lil Shadow, and my heart loves my Sniff.

Homewards bound we are and we are happy.  Summer in Norway was good.  We have
 seen everyone. Enjoyed everyone's company and had some very memorable times.  
We are exhausted and we are ready to go home.  Thank you everyone
 for making this a summer to remember.  Can't say it enough.

Hello Chicago, here we come.  Sniff Sniff, Brutus,
Shadow, tell the world we are coming home.

The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it 
feels even better to comeback.  Home is where you hang our heart...