Aug 22, 2016

Pigeon Forge....A New Experience

The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost,
to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience...

Pigeon Forge, a mountain town and vacation area in eastern Tennessee, is the home
 of Dollywood, entertainer Dolly Parton’s Appalachian-themed park consisting
 of rides, an adjoining water park and a museum of her costumes and
 memorabilia.  The city’s other family-friendly attractions include country 
music revues, magic shows, dinner theaters and outlet malls.

The best-kept secret of the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee is how awesome 
Dollywood is! Whether you are old or young, into Dolly Parton or not, into roller coasters,
 bluegrass music, history, wildlife preservation, trains, water slides or old timey craftsmanship, 
this park has got something for you. Contrary to popular belief, you DON’T need to 
be a Dolly Parton fanatic in order to have a great time here! But if you have any bit 
of affection for the woman, it is likely to increase ten fold by the time you leave.

For the rest of the day we will be exploring and discovering more about Pigeon Forge.
Always interesting to see new places and to experience new things.  Time to go and do some 
more discovering.  Having a wonderful time with my parents.  Nothing else really matters.

To all a very good day.  Remember never be afraid to try something new, because
 life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know.

A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back
 to its old dimensions.  Experience is the teacher of all things...