Feb 27, 2017

Cold Monday Morning...

It's Monday, time to sparkle and shine...

Monday mornings usually are busy, a little busier than most mornings because after
 having Sunday to relax we slacked off a little.  Now time to catch up and take
 care of business.  My first appointment for the day is at 9:00 am  Always interesting 
when have to meet new people.  Can't wait to see how it turns out.

I am involved in a few of the community happenings here and it makes me feel alive. 
 Getting to know more about the people and their way of life keeps me busy.  I love 
to hear their stories, talk to them and always learn a few lessons about life.

Arvid has a lot of running around to do.  Nothing different than most of his days, but 
now that we both have our own cars makes for better times.  I can do as I please and not 
have to go everywhere he goes.  Last week I visited my favorite shoe store...again.

Had to get up earlier than I wanted, don't mind but it is just so cold outside.
Right now it would have been really nice to wake up, walk out to the balcony 
and watch the boats go by.  Oh well there is I better get moving before I 
decide to go back under the covers.  Yup!  OK Monday, Let's do this.

Good morning.  Hope you have a week filled with unexpected moments that
 make you smile.  It's so cold I can barely stand the 4 minutes I'm outdoors everyday...