Feb 21, 2017

Days Of Sunshine...

Stay on the sunny side of life.  Those who bring sunshine into
the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves...

Sunday was the first time since living here in Branson we actually went downtown 
by the water and had a "better" meal and a typical Sunday outing we usually
 had when in Fort Lauderdale.  It felt great being back by the water having
 our meal and watching boats pass by.  Very different from
 the mega yachts back home, but just as nice and relaxing 

 The best part was that we were able to sit out in the sun and enjoy our meal.  
Yes it was a beautiful, warm, sunny day high's in the upper 70's.  For a February day 
here in Missouri it was just heaven.  Hopefully this is the trend for the remaining
 of the winter.  Though the day started out foggy it end up being a gorgeous day.
  Could not ask for anything better.  The rest of the week also in the 70's.

It felt good be be dressed in summer clothes and not to have to pile on layers
 after layers of clothing.  Yes, it felt just like "normal" again for us.  Even so, we were 
still concerned that it might turn cold again.  We of course took our jackets. 

 Fortunately we did not need them.  Well let's say I did not need mine.  Arvid said
 he was borderline cold towards the end.  So bad.  He is supposed to be a
 Norwegian Viking.  More like a wimp when it comes to the cold.

We took quite some time in the candy store stocking up on a few favorites.  Then
 we saw Kilwins.  My dad's favorite place to have ice-cream.  Arvid made me
 take a few pictures and told me to don't forget and email then to my dad.

Thus making sure they will visit us soon.  Whenever Arvid sees a Kilwins store
 the first thing he says is, "your dad's favorite ice-cream."  Strange how he
remembers certain things and forgets some even more significant ones.

Looking forward to more days like this one.  The perfect ending to the day was
coming home to Sniff Sniff.  He waits patiently and as soon as he saw us he started
 meowing loudly.  Meant he was ready for foodies and a good brushing.
  Of course he had both of those.  He gets brushed almost all day long
otherwise he just meows even louder.  Sniff s a very good kitty.

To all a very good day.  Remember when you can't find the sunshine
be the sunshine, because if you're always waiting for
the storm you will never find the sunshine.

Unfortunately yesterday we did not see any sunshine.  Mostly rain.  Today more
of that wet weather coming our way.  Guess I will be making my own sunshine
again.  Happy Tuesday everyone.  Time flies when you're having fun!

Keep your face always towards the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you.