Feb 20, 2017

Hello Monday...

A brand new week to live, laugh be happy.
Train your mind to see the good in everything...

My baby sister, not so much a baby anymore, but in my eyes she will always be
 the baby. From little girls we were very close even with the age difference. 
 Through the years we got closer, and as I saw her blossom from child
 to woman I only admired her more.  The youngest in our family and 
mother of there kids.  Gabby, Riley and Lilly Vade.  

Not always easy shuffling 3 kids, a husband, a cooking business, a home, and 
still managing to maintain one's sanity and perspective in life.  Positive always
 and with the 'I will" attitude we all inherited from our parents.  Quitting is NEVER
 an option and that's the way she and all of us were raised.  Happy birthday.  

Soon you will be celebrating it in Costa Rica.  Hard work,
determination and a good attitude does pay off.  I love you!

Good morning everyone.  Monday morning again.  New week and for us it is
 looking pretty busy.  Nothing unusual here here.  Staying busy is what we like 
best and seems as if we got our wish here in Branson.  Happy day to all.

The best thing about having a sister is that I always have a friend..