Feb 24, 2017

Time Flies When You're Having Fun...

There is only one thing more precious than our time and that's who 
we spend it with.  Time is not measured by clocks, but by moments...

Yesterday I realized that one of the things I have been missing a lot is the
aggressive driving. The speeding and yes just passing people and leaving
 them  in the dust.  Many a times I did it in Florida, like everyday.

People driving slowly irritates me.  Both Arvid and I love to change lanes all the time.
 Here in Branson not so easy. The roads are really curvy. Just 2 lanes from home
 and to all the places we like to go. The highway has more lanes but we usually
 just use the local roads.   Arvid had not honked his horn since being here. At least
I have not heard him. So yesterday as I switched lanes a few times and passed
 a few people I felt alive and happy. Won't happen much but it felt good!

Monday was a gloomy wet day. Not so cold but not a pretty day.  A few chores
 and I managed to get myself caught in the rain without an umbrella.  I did
not mind the rain, but I really hate when my shoes and my handbag gets wet.
 Rainy season seems to be starting early. Guess I have to start wearing
 my yellow rain boots when I head out. Love the color!

Arvid had been busy. Running here and there. Checking this and that.  The
 days have been going by pretty fast. Already it is Friday. Seem as soon as
 Monday is over the rest of the week just flies by.  Good I guess.

Everyday I continue to meet interesting people. I somehow always seem to get
caught up in their stories and of course they hear a few of mine.  Arvid and I have
been invited to a little cookout on Saturday.  If the weather is good we should be
 having grilled hot dogs with all the fixings.  Now I have to think of
something to take.  Yup!  Looking forward to that!

Here in Branson there is no Uber service, but there is something called The Loop.
Works the same except you're charged a flat rate within the city limits.  People here
 are friendly and very caring. Very religious and they love their sweet iced tea.

Lately I have not missed Florida much. When Arvid was there he brought Brutus'
and Shadows ashes with him.  They are not all alone anymore.  They are with
 me at all times in the office.  The office is now officially Sniff's room.  He has
 all his toys and scratching posts there.  It's now his and my space.

Whenever he wants to be alone he takes off to his room onto the window sill and
bird watches or just naps.  Sniff is really good. We love him.  He reminds us
 that there is always something to be grateful for.  Yes, he's a good kitty.

Our mornings start out always foggy.  Monday and Tuesday were very wet and kinda
 cold days.  The rest of the days have been sunny and warm.  Yesterday was in the 80's.
 Today temperatures are dropping again.  Saturday promises to be even colder.

Strange weather here in Branson.  Never know when you will go from 80 degrees
to 20 degrees within hours.  I never wore as much clothes as I have in the last 3 and
a half months.  Now I feel strange when my arms are uncovered.  Go figure.

Yesterday was beautiful and I was able to wear one of my bright colors for a change.
I love yellow, and I wore one of my favorite yellow tops.  Made me feel like
 summer was already here.  Today back to sweaters and jacket.

To all a very good day.  Always remember to take
time to do what makes your soul happy.

Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters.  Remember
 even your worst days have only 24 hours.  It's Friday the only 
decision you need to make is bottle or glass...