May 4, 2017

A Forever Home ~

Rescue.. It's not just a verb.  It's a promise.
No act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted...

Today hopefully Kitty Kitty will go to his forever home.  Fingers crossed
that nothing happens to change what's been set in motion.  After lots of 
searching I believe the right person was selected.  Kitty Kitty will
 have someone to love him, play with him and to protect him.  

Always I will be present to provide for him and to make sure he never wants 
for anything should he need it.  Part of me is very sad to see him go. 
 But mostly I am happy that he will have a forever loving home.

I love him and would have brought him home to live with us,
but Arvid was not having any of that.  I'm grateful to have one of our own
 ~ Sniff and now I am overjoyed that Kitty Kitty will also have his own family.  
I'm going to miss him.  I usually go to his home twice a day.  Brush him.  Play with
 him, clean his litter and make sure he has clean water and fresh food.  Kitty Kitty 
lives at Almost Home.  As of today if all goes well he won't any more.

Yesterday it rained all day.  Boring.  Today seems to be more of the same.
To all a good day.  Stay dry and make your own sunshine ~ always.

Saving a kitty won't change the world.  But for that kitty, the world changes forever.
Until one has loved an animal, a part of ones soul remains unawakened...