May 19, 2017

Beautiful Day Ahead...

Just because it's not always nice does not mean its not miraculous...

Friday already.  This has been a very warm and sun shiny week.  Yes we have
 had some heavy winds, but it feels good.  I am really enjoying the time 
I have here with my tenants/friends.  I know that there are days when I
 would prefer to be back home in Florida, but at the same time I also 
know I will miss the people here I Branson when that day comes.

  For now, it is a new and interesting time in our lives. 
 Very challenging at times, but NEVER boring.

Nothing but work planned as of right now, but who knows?  Our favorite
 restaurant serving our favorite adult drink is not far from us.  Like last Friday,
 it is only a matter of jumping in the car and heading out there.  Arvid has 
discovered a few things here in Branson that he likes very much and I can 
always tempt him with that if I wanted.  Flan!  Yes his new favorite.

Yesterday was pretty quiet at Almost Home.  Happy about that.  Arvid
 being on the Strip sees a little more activity.  He likes it like
 that, I like it the way I have it.  Both of us happy.

That time of the day already.  Time to get busy and start the day. 
 Happy Friday everyone and wishing you all the perfect weekend
 ahead.  Sunny and warm here.  Could not ask for better.

Challenges are what make life interesting and
 overcoming them is what makes life meaningful...