May 25, 2017

Hello Thursday...

When you are working and staying busy you
 don't have time to be depressed and sad...

Here at Almost Home we are still full.  The calls keep coming in,
 and the nice thing about it is that some of the tenants who left due to family 
emergencies, job change or some other reason have been calling me back. 
 They say they would like to come back and live at Almost Home. 

I believe both Arvid and I have made a change in their lives. 
 Not to toot our own horn, but we hear it from the tenants and from 
others.  Everyone has told us that since we took over 
the 2 hotels the change has been one for the better. 

 We have been told that never before has it run this smoothly
 and efficiently.  We are happy to hear this because honestly 
this is or was a BRAND NEW venture for us. 

We now have the hang of it, but even so, there is always so
 much to learn.  When you think you have seen everything.. 
you're proved wrong and once again you start over.

Can you believe that Arvid and I have been talking about how bored
 we will be the day we do move back to Florida.  We love to be busy and
 boy here in Branson we ARE.  Yup!  We are a little concerned that we will be 
very bored when we do move back home.  Right now a little "boredom" can be OK.

 Beautiful warm days are here.  Almost Home soon is ready to open the pool.  
Everyone including myself is excited.  It sure is looking good.  The days
 are going by fast.  We have already been in Missouri for 6 months.

Sniff is loving his home.  His "friends" and everything surrounding him.
He's a happy boy and he makes our lives better.  I miss Brutus and I think so much at 
times of Shadow and sometimes the tears come freely.  It's better, but I won't lie,
it is definitely not the same without Brutus.  I miss him.

To all a very good day.  Just because we have some not so 
good days does not mean that we have a bad life.  It is what it is. 
 Life is not always a bed of roses, even so I am always grateful.

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations...