May 2, 2017

More Weather Woes ~

Well it's official.  The weather has been diagnosed with Bi-polar Disorder...

Yesterday it was freezing cold.  The wind sure did not help any.  More 
rain coming so as you may imagine, not happy right now.  As Mondays
 go yesterday was no exception.  After all the rain in the weekend 
there was tons of cleaning up needed in both hotels. 

 On the bright side, we were fortunate that we did not have serious
 damage like so many did.  We lost power on and off at the hotels, but 
nothing serious.  Unlike Florida, the Internet and cable TV are
 still up and running.  Very happy for that otherwise we 
sure would have had some not so happy tenants.

Feeling pretty lazy with this weather.  Not wanting to wake up in the 
mornings especially when it's so cold again.  The killer here at my hotel is
 the wind.  We have many breezeways and when you pass through
 them it's like going through a COLD wind storm.  Everyone
 says more "bad" weather is still in sight.  Hopefully not so.

Yesterday the sun finally did show up.  Did not get much warmer, but
 was good to see sunshine again.  As Arvid and I went to Springfield on Sunday
 we saw flooding in many of the rivers and water  was cascading down the rocks
 on the sides of the roads.  Makes one wonder about the power of nature.

The week has already started on a busy note.  Before we know it will 
soon be over.  Hope everyone has had a good start also and that the
 week ahead is one full of productivity and accomplishments.

Here at home it's clean up time after all the rain.  Gutters were full of
dried leaves and debris.  Now it's going to be better when the next rainfall comes.

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, and our joints are not delightful,
since it got so dang cold.  We feel old!  We feel old! We feel old!...