May 7, 2017

Sunday ~ Feel Better Day

Sometimes what you are most afraid of doing 
is the very thing that will set you free..

Not in the best of moods.  Not today. Not yesterday.  I am having one of those
 days where I just want to go home. Home is Florida. Home is where Brutus
 and Shadow were happy as was Arvid and I. Home is where one day 
Sniff will also be happy. Sniff as you can imagine loves it here.

Today I want to go home. I know this is just one of those "bad" days. 
We all have them. It will get better. Tomorrow as they say is another day. 
 I'm missing Brutus and I just can't seem to stop crying. Part of it must
 be exhaustion and the darn allergies that just won't quit.

Life has changed. We both asked for this change and I don't regret it. It's just
 that right now I just want to go back to all that was familiar to me.   
 The other day we went to Macy's. I wanted to buy a dress. Would 
you believe they had no dress department. I know this is petty, but
 right now it pisses me off.  I have been looking for a dress for
months but there is no place that I can find the one I want.

Yes there are things much more important, but right now this just makes 
me angry. Makes me long for the life I had.  Branson is not bad but there 
are days like today when I want to be as far away from here as possible!

Sunday is turning out to be another beautiful day.  Already I can feel
it is getting better.  My "bad" mood is disappearing.  Sniff is right next to me.
Just finished speaking to my sister and life is once again looking good.

Happy Sunday to all.  Let's make the most of each day because this is the only
life we have and if we don't do all we can to make it the best life, the who will?

I woke up.  I have clothes to wear.  I have running water.
I have food to eat.  Life is good.  I am thankful...