Mar 30, 2018

And So The Week Is Almost Over ~

All work and no play is not good for the soul...

Another week that is soon over. I guess when you’re busy one 
hardly notices how fast time goes by. Good and a little sad 
also because I feel that we just work, work and work and
 we have sort of forgotten to do much more than that.

Maybe with that in mind, last night we decided to actually say "yes" 
to an invitation.  We were invited to a cheese and wine gathering.  
Just a few select people, so made it easier to say yes.  

We got to the gentleman's house.  While everyone flocked to the
 wine, and hors d'oeuvres table, Arvid and I were just mesmerized 
by the view.  It was breathtaking and for a very young couple 
the house was an astonishing and spectacular mansion

 As Jake the owner said, "it's just one of 3 he owns."  
Let's just say for a second there both Arvid and I were 
rethinking our living accommodations here in Branson.

Arvid keeps telling me that soon we will be doing more living again.  
Says soon it will all change.  We will soon be heading to Mexico.  
Now I’m getting a little excited about going away for a 
couple of weeks. Work has been great, but it’s nice to take
 some time off and enjoy life and each other.

Sniff is also much better has not had the sniffles yesterday and 
so far his sneezing is gone.  I will feel better when we’re gone
knowing Sniff is OK.  At the same time I know I will be missing 
him and wondering if he’s OK.  It will always be like this.

This has been one very wet week.  Starting to get tired
 of it. It has also been extremely cold even though the
 temperature has been in the mid 60’s.  Still cold.

Arvid is always busy.  He has this knack of just knowing 
how to stay busy.  He has perfected this.  Being busy makes 
him happy.  Don’t get me wrong, I also love being busy, 
but somehow both Arvid and I can do the same thing but
 he makes it seem like he's always being busy.

This past week you can say I have been working part-time only.
  Having Tiffany and Chris, and the hotel being full and all 
is running smoothly, it does not seem necessary
 to be there all day long.  I am really loving it.

As mentioned before, Arvid has his own office within the office.

 He’s happy meeting people and doing “other” stuff.  He 
lives for trades and everything that is not conventional. That’s when 
he’s happiest.  He loves the fact that in Branson there are so 
many opportunities to do all the rings he loves.

The hotel running is left to me, but when he’s needed he’s there.  
Since selling 76 Inn I’m happy to have him help me out at Almost Home. 
 Now he can take care of all the paperwork.  This leaves me more
 time to help the tenants and to make sure they are all good.  

Yesterday was grooming day for one of the kitties. Part of my job, 
and of course and I love it.  I go to the tenants room, play with the kitty
 and before they know what’s happening I clip their claws.  Everyone happy.

Yesterday it was Sissy's turn to be groomed.  With some treats,
 she was an easy one.  Always is.  I really love them all.

This morning we woke up to deers in our backyard.  Sniff was going
 crazy running from window to window as they moved.  Both 
Arvid and I love the sight of them.  They are beautiful, and when 
they look straight at you with those big brown eyes all we can do
 is stand still, hope they won't run away and enjoy the sight.

Happy Friday all.  Remember,
life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful.

Life is not the way it is supposed to be.  It is the way it is.
The way you cope with it is what makes the difference...