Aug 6, 2018

And So Begins Another Week ~

I keep myself busy.  Time goes faster that way...

Now that we don't have tyo go to "work" Arvid is doing a few 
chores at home.  Today we start with the grass.  We do have a 
sprinkler system, but we never thought of turning them on.  

We never even went much on the outside.  We are after all 
"city people" as Arvid says.  He's not liking the outdoor work.

I am definitely NOT an outdoor kind of girl either.  Everytime 
I step out onto the grass something bites me.  Not sure 
what, but right now I have several bites on my arm.  
Arvid has not had a single bite.  Wonder why.

Sniff gets a kick watching Arvid work, but everytime the 
water comes his way Sniff takes off. Even though Arvid does not 
like doing these chores, he does it with zest and always with a smile.  
Of course there are a few "choice words" in Norwegian in between.

Arvid and I are constantly asking each other, "so what shall
 we do today?" The days are already looking very long.  It's way
too hot to be outdoors, so now the question is how do we fill our days?

 He's always busy no matter what.  Me on the other hand...well
 Almost Home was what kept me going.  Now to find another
 something to fill my days, my thoughts, and my time.

A new week begins.  We do have quite a few things to do and
so many plans to make.  So yes, it's going to be a good one.
Wishing you all the same.  Happy Monday everyone.

I've discovered that sitting still leaves little
 spaces for grief to get in, soo I stay busy...