Aug 20, 2018

Happy Days ~

Actually, it's moving along so well considering 
all the work that had to be done.  Moving right along...

A new week begins and it couldn't start better.  Arvid is
 back home with us.  We missed him very much.  Last Sunday 
he left for Florida, driving my car back. Yup, now when I get 
back before him, (maybe) I will have my car.  He was gone for 
an entire week, but I was busy so time went by fast for me.

We were supposed to go together, but I did not want to leave 
Sniff on his own.  Especially with people coming in and out of 
the house.  Glad for that.  Plus I didn't feel like going.

Arvid said he loved being back in Fort Lauderdale, but the truth is
 after 4 days he would call and tell me how he was ready to come
 back home.  Yes, home is where your heart is.  Always.
Sniff and I are happy he's back.  We are complete.

With the selling of the house there is lots to do.  While Arvid 
was gone I was dealing with different roofing companies, getting 
estimates, and with our home owners insurance adjuster as well. 
 I think I have made quite a good deal on the roof. Happy!

Sniff is now more relaxed.  Finally his dada is back and he can
 now rest and not have to wait by the door all day long.  Yes, 
Sniff sat /slept by the door in hopes of Arvid coming home.

Who knows what the week holds, but one thing I know for
 sure is that we will be seeing my parents by the weekend. 
 I have been waiting for this since for weeks now.

I am counting down the days until we get to North Carolina.
Happiness is knowing we are going to see you both soon.

It's been a long time coming, but we're
 almost there.  I'm happy...