Aug 5, 2018

Sunday At Home ~

So much of our happiness depends on 
how we choose to look at the world...

Quiet Sunday at home so far.  Love it.  Weather is great,
and having a few things to keep us busy is even better.  

Last week was very strange not going to Almost Home.  Well
I actually did go to meet with tenants, but it was not the same.  We 
had many things to do and to catch up with so we stayed busy.

10 days now since we left Norway.  I miss the 2 little girls.
We had a great time with them this summer together with everyone 
else.  Aleah our eldest granddaughter somehow knew I could
 not speak the language and she was good and kind enough to 
speak to me a few of the English words she knew.  Best was
 when I said something to her and also to Vanessa in English 
they repeated it.  I loved it and I miss them very much.

My favorite was when I said to her, "I love you more."
She repeated it to me.  I miss hearing those words.

Today we go out to dinner with Tiffany and the gang, this time 
their treat.  Both Arvid and I are looking forward to it very much. 
 We always have a good time with them.Today we go to a steakhouse.  
The best part is the company, and of course good food.

Happy Sunday everyone.  Will be "learning" all over again what
 it feels like to be semi-retired.  Not sure how long I can handle it.

I'm not semi-retired.  I'm just taking it easy...