Aug 3, 2018

Life Goes On ~

If you always make the right decision, the safe decision, the
 one most people make, you will be the same as everyone else...

It's been a very emotional week so far for me.  Not having to 
go to Almost Home everyday feels very strange.  My days begin 
very early and seem to stretch on, fortunately this week has
 been a little busy with many things to do and take care since
 coming back from Norway.  For that I am grateful.

I have also been going to Almost Home a little everyday to 
meet with a tenants I want to tell the news to personally.  
It has not been easy.  Miss Burton almost had me in tears.  When 
she opened the door for me the first thing she said was, 
I'm really going to miss you so very much."

Even though I have heard the same from all the tenants I have 
spoken to, I know they will all be fine.  They all like Tiffany and Chris, 
but Miss Burton is different.  Her room is right next to my office.  
Correction, what used to be my office at Almost Home.

I took her mail to her (did that for many as well), I saved a
 few things she liked and bought her things she liked.  I also
 buy Bridgette, her kitty food every month.  Though I will still 
continue to do so, I felt very sad when I left her room.

Today I go there again to meet with a few I was not 
able to see.  I am also taking Bonnie out to lunch 
and Margaritas.  I also have a soft spot for her.  

When I started at Almost Home, everyone wanted me to 
"kick" Bonnie out, but I didn't.  She is outspoken, brazen and
 very funny.  Wicked sense of humor.  Kinda reminds me of me.  
Afraid of nothing and no-one, well maybe a little worried 
when I occasionally called her into the office for a "chat"

Tomorrow Arvid and I are going out with another set
 of tenants for lunch.  It feels strange to go to Almost Home
 and not have keys to the office, not sit on my chair
 behind the counter.  It feels strange.

It has been a pretty emotional week so far.  One of my tenants
 told me that he was leaving.  Said there was no way he would stay
 if we were not there, after lots of talking I believe I have
 convinced him that Almost Home is his best option.

Change is difficult.  For my tenants and for me, but like 
everything else life goes on.  We all move on.  For some it is more
 difficult, but at the end of the day it is what has to be done. 
 It's life and the choice is to just keep going.

The worst battle you will ever fight is between 
what you feel and what you know...