Aug 22, 2018

Happiness Is A Choice ~

Very little is needed to make a happy life;
 it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking...

I didn't really want to wake up this early, but the other day 
I got bitten once again on the arm, only this time I woke up in pain.  
Seems like the entire extremity is burning up and I was not able to 
move the arm around much.  That's what woke me up.

It scared me a little because I have not experienced this pain,
 and numbing sensation in all the other bites I have had, and boy
did I have a lot.  I am definitely not an outdoor person.

I believe this  happened the other day as I was outside putting
 food out for the birds.  I stepped onto the grass and I must have
touched some leaves on one of the trees.  This is definitely a good
 reason to be moving back to city life.  No trees.  Just concrete.
  Exactly what we like.  Back in Florida I was never bitten.

This week I also had a checkup with my doctor.  Had a little
procedure done just to test and make sure all was good and no
additional cancer was roaming around.  Based on what I was
told, I am good.  I'm happy.  Arvid is happy.  Life is good.

The days are getting closer to seeing my mom and dad.
Can't wait.  I miss them and have not seen them since
 May when we were in Florida for a short visit.

To all a very good day and never forget
to enjoy every minute of your life.

Being happy never goes out of style...