Sep 5, 2023

September 5th ~

Every road in life is a journey. The rear view 
mirror is to remind us of where we have been so that 
we can fully understand where we are going... 

Most deer species are social animals, often living in herds 
of varying sizes to protect each other from enemies. 
They have evolved to defend themselves not only 
from predatory animals but also from hunters.

As the song says, "everyday is a winding road"
As we go through life we realize there is so much we
do not know and every time you tell yourself that you 
can't do something you are holding yourself back.

Hopefully with each new day, each new experience we
 learn a little more about ourselves and about life.  Like all of
 you, my life also has difficult moments, moments I would
 rather just skip through and move on to the next chapter.

Not always happening, but at least I hope that I take
something from each experience and apply it to make
 a better me and a better life for the ones I love..

Remember as someone said, you have the power to 
change almost everything in your life, but you also have
 the power not to change anything, it's all up to you....

Yesterday the two babies and mom were back.  
Same time as the days before.  During the day they
 "hang out" by some other homes, so it makes me happy to
 know that others are also looking out for them.

To all a good day.  Arvid and I have been having beautiful 
days here in Branson.  Perfect weather for outdoor dining.

Everything in life is so temporary. So if things are going 
good, enjoy it because it won't last forever.  And if  things 
are going bad, don't worry either it can't last forever....