Sep 25, 2023

Monday September 25th~

You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it...

 The new week begins and there is a lot of things going 
through my mind.  I am excited to soon be going home with 
Sniff.  I am not looking forward to the plane trip because Sniff 
howls from the start to the end of the flight.  Non-stop.

I aa happy but at the same time I am a little sad.  Every time
 we leave Branson I leave a part of my heart.  For me the hardest
 thing to do right now is leaving my wildlife.  Although I am attached 
to Almost Home, I know good people are now caring for it.

Arvid and I have a busy week.  I have already said my 
goodbyes to a few of the people at Almost Home, and that was sad.  
Thank goodness that no matter where I am I am always reachable.

We have made many friends here in Branson and 
no matter where we go, I hope we maintain the friendship.  
Yesterday we had our last Sunday at The Landing.
  For this time.  It was a beautiful day.

Animals are so smart.  Sniff can sense a change is coming
 and he's being super cautious.  Love him so much.

I believe that the only courage anybody ever
 needs is the courage to follow your own dreams...