Sep 3, 2023

Sunday September 3rd ~

Participate in life instead of just watching it 
pass you by.  It is not how much we have, but 
how much we enjoy that makes happiness...

 Many Americans celebrate Labor Day with parades,
 picnics and parties.  I know for sure my sister is grilling today.  
They do it just about all summer long.  Rima and George, they 
have a zest for life, and it shows in everything they do 🍖

In Fort Myers everyone is super excited because M15 is back at 
the nest with a new lady friend.  They have started to rebuild the nest.
  We are all looking forward to the cameras being back up.  Never 
thought I would be following an eagle family, but then M15
 and Harriet were/are no ordinary eagle family.

Arvid, Sniff and I will not be doing any BBQ's at home.
  I love BBQ's and I always enjoy it at a family's home.

Wishing everyone a happy Labor day weekend.  Have a
 great time and whatever it is you're doing do it with joy.

Good day to all.  Mine is already starting out great.  I wake up to
 these cuties almost everyday.  They look at me and my heart just melts.

Having a good sense of humor definitely 
will see you through rough times and some.  Can't 
fault Floridians for theirs 😂  Gotta love it!

Wishing everyone a happy day.  Ours is already looking good.

Mama kitty had babies.  There are now 2 babies and mama roaming around.

Life consists not in holding good cards
 but in playing those you hold well...