Nov 12, 2023

November 12th ~

The most important thing is to enjoy
 your life,  to be happy,  it's all that matters...

 Twenty two years seems to have just flown by for us.  Our 
destination of choice was Puerto Rico, but because of my so many
 doctors appointment it was not possible.  Then we choose
 to go to St. Petersburg, Florida and it was just right.

Both Arvid and I go for the simple things in life.  We enjoyed a
 walk around the town, which by the way is just beautiful.  For 
a minute there Arvid was debating if we should move from 
Fort Myers to St. Petersburg.  I squashed that thought.

The area had a great vibe, full of life, people and ambiance.

It was just a very beautiful evening.  We relaxed 
and enjoyed each others company even more.  

 Even though I could not eat any restaurant food aside
 from lettuce, I did take my own and I did have a few adult 
drinks that night.  It's not everyday we celebrate twenty 🍸
 two years of marriage.  I loved every minute of our outing.

The St. Petersburg Pier, officially known as the 
St. Pete Pier, is a landmark pleasure pier extending into 
Tampa Bay from downtown St. Petersburg, Florida, USA.

Over the years several different structures have been built
 at the same location. The most recent structure, the third owned by
 the city, was a five-story inverted pyramid-shaped building.

The $92 million dollar project includes five restaurants,
 a playground, an environmental education center, and numerous
 artworks.  If you ever get the chance to visit, do so.  Worth it.

To all a very good day.  Greetings from F23 and M15 as well. 
 Southwest Florida's power eagle couple.  We are all hoping F23 
will soon lay her eggs and new babies will be coming.

Not the day only, but all things have their morning.
Today is going to be another beautiful adventure...