Nov 25, 2023

Saturday November 25thth~

Life comes with ups and downs, with smiles and tears, 
with success and failures. All these are part of life and is
 what makes life beautiful and truly worth living...

Lately Sniff has gotten back into chasing the laser dot.
 In general he’s really a lazy boy.  He only likes playtime when
 he’s on the bed on laying on the rug; but now I have him spinning in 
circles to catch the laser.  Not for long but several times in the day. 
Won’t last long but for now happy he’s loving it.  As always
 he gets a lot of attention from both of us.  Happy boy💙

Being back home in Florida sure feels good. I still miss my
 wildlife so very much.  I’m try not to think of them too much, 
but one can’t always control where your thoughts take you😔. 

 But back to being in Florida is good. I have had snow
 crabs every week. We have had delicious peel and eat shrimp 
so very often.  In Branson seafood was not available,
 and I sure missed it.  Making up for it now.

 Also I have here in Florida all my favorite fruit.  Right now
 I am hooked on persimmons and guavas.  I find them in 
our Publix grocery store and our Latin supermarket.  

I love mangoes, but unfortunately they have 
not been that good lately. I actually found better
 mangoes in Branson.  Can you believe that?

Yesterday was a gloomy day.  Our plans to go downtown were
 squashed by rain.  Too bad because we were planning on going
 to listen to music at a rooftop bar.  Another time it will be. Worse part
 of not going was we could not have our slice of pizza.  That was 
more distressing than missing out on the rooftop music 🎶

Arvid's soccer was on a break but it’s back on today.
 The man is all smiles.  Arvid like me enjoys the simple
 things in life 🤷🏻‍♀️Today will be all about soccer.

No plans as of yet for today, seems like more rain is in the
 forecast, but if on the off chance it does not rain, we may take a
 little trip downtown.  Just have to see how the day/weather behaves. 
 We actually need the rain. It has not rained much here in Fort Myers, 
so we may soon be under a drought watch if it doesn’t.  Below was the
 view from our condo in Fajardo, Puerto Rico.  Loved our life there.

On a cheery note, early this morning SWFL's most famous 
Eagles M15 and F23 became soon to be parents.  F23 laid her
 first egg, and if all goes according to predictions within 3-4 days
 there may be another egg, and little eaglets will hatch close to
 the New Year.  It's a happy time in SWFL🥚 .  Bald Eagles,
 they represent honesty, truth, majesty, strength,
 courage, wisdom, power and freedom. 

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and 
basking in the after glow of Thanksgiving. 

An eagle never loses sleep over a turkey's sentiments. 
An eagle earns its honor from the storms it endures...