Nov 15, 2023

Wednesday November 15th

Enjoy the ups and celebrate the wins. You cannot have the
 ups without the downs or the highs without the lows...

 Yesterday started out on another good note. I got up 
early.  Had my treatment, came home we FaceTimed with 
Michelle and the grandkids. Just the perfect morning.

  But I was not feeling good. I got home and was dizzy and
 very nauseous.  The nausea was there for the rest of the day and 
was really bad.  I can't imagine what it must feel like when you're 
having Chemo treatments. Yesterday I was a little bummed out.  I
 was a little tired of everything and just wanted it to be done with.  

I try to ignore the times I don’t feel good but somehow
 it didn’t work yesterday.  Arvid holding me and comforting 
me was my breaking point.  For just a few minutes there 
I was fed up with everything.  Just for a little while.

Feeling a little better right now.  At least the nausea is not as 
bad as it was yesterday. Today I will be having radiation pill. 
Radiation therapy uses high-energy x-rays to kill cancer 
cells or stop them from growing. It may be used after
 surgery to kill any remaining thyroid cancer cells.

Today I begin keeping a distance from Arvid and Sniff. 
I know today will be a better day than yesterday.

A good day to all.  I can soon see the end of this treatment.
Struggle teaches us the value of hard work and dedication.

Life will always give you enough highs to appreciate
 the lows and enough lows to never take for granted the highs...