Nov 30, 2023

Thursday November 30th~

The most beautiful things are not associated
 with money; they are memories and moments...

 I keep sorting and deleting pictures from my old folders.  
I have more than I ever imagined, at the same time I find it very 
difficult to do much deleting.  This week I have been "working" 
on pictures involving mostly Brutus.  As you may imagine,
 hardly any are deleted.  But seeing them brings back every 
moment so vividly.  How we miss that little dude.

There is a song that played on the radio station and
 it brought back so many memories.  Happy ones and some
 heart breaking ones.  Life, never what you expect.

Era mi vida él, mi primavera él y mi mañana
Mi cielo siempre azul, mi corazón, mi beso y mi 
palabra.  Y un día se marchó y todo terminó
 Y me dejó esperando en la ventana

It is still cold today , but the warm up will begin by early afternoon. 
 It's NOTHING compared to what our families in other parts of
 the USA and in Norway are experiencing, but when you live
 in  Florida anything below 70 degrees (21C) is COLD.

Christmas is everywhere.  My favorite season has arrived.

There are moments in life when you are truly happy and ecstatic. 
Everything in the world seems to go right. The best moments 
lie not just in big things that happen, but oftentimes in the simple
 things that never receives our acknowledgment or appreciation....