Jul 5, 2012

Adios For Now....

Where is the good in goodbye? 

Call me a baby if you like it does not matter.  I am very sad to be leaving Brutus for so long even though I know he will be OK.  I think I am the one who will probably not be so OK.  Brutus is our baby and leaving him breaks my heart.  As we left him all alone at home and closed the door Arvid also was extremely sad.  Before we left he had a long talk with Brutus explaining to him how we will be back very soon with him.

As we walked out of the door I heard him say, "I love you Brutus.  Be a good boy."  I could tell Arvid was also sad to be leaving Brutus.  Needless to say tears came to my eyes.  Yes I do get pretty emotional when it comes to Brutus.  On the other hand, we are excited about our trip.  It's been a while.  I know the first few days will be great, but sadly after day two I start missing Brutus all over again.  Sounds silly, but what can I say?

I know the time will go by fast and we are both looking forward to having a very good time.  It will be fun to see everyone's new home and to also tell about some of the exciting things we have been doing in the last year.  

Man's feelings are always purest and most glowing in the hour of meeting and of farewell...

until next time