Jul 1, 2012

That Time...

Ambivalence is a wonderful tune to dance to. It has a rhythm all its own...

It's time for the yearly Norway trip, and as usual I'm excited and ambivalent about it. It's not like as if we don't have a good time. There are many things I enjoy and places I like.  Arvid and I always have a good time anywhere we go.  It's just that sometimes I find Norway a bit lacking in excitement.   I mean even Arvid's eldest daughter has said to me that she could never understand why we came to Norway.  She herself has said that it's so boring compared to the US.

We go because of family.  Arvid's mom, brother and two daughters live there and everyone enjoys being with family no matter what. This year it's going to be close to three weeks since last year we did not go.

I always enjoy time spent with Arvid's mother. From day one she was always so very kind to me and she always makes a big effort to speak English. I do appreciate that because I know it is such a big effort.

This year there is so much going on that it makes the trip a bit more exciting. New homes to see.  Actually both of Arvid's daughters have new homes as does his niece and nephew so this should keep us busy and give us something to do.  Everyone has something to show and tell.  Also we go visit Arvid's dad's grave.  Very peaceful.

Looking forward very much also to seeing Arvid's brother and Siv, his girlfriend. We have a great time with them so one of my favorite times is being with them and enjoying their 

company.  We have become good friends and they also have something new to share. Yes, looking forward to enjoying at least one trip in their boat since we no longer have ours.

Time spent with the girls is always enjoyable. They speak English very well making conversation fun and interesting. This year we are also looking forward to meeting Emil some more . This is the boyfriend of Arvid's youngest daughter. Hope to take them out a bit and spend some time with them on their own, and get to known them better as a couple because they are just the cutest things.  

Through the years, I have gotten to actually know very well what these girls like, I think sometimes much better than Arvid so I have bought a few little things for them.  Nothing major, but stuff that costs quite a bit in Norway or maybe stuff you can't even find.  Makes me happy.  Arvid totally oblivious.  

Like with all families the first few days are great and,  I know from experience that to keep things friendly and happy it's sometimes best to stay out of each others way so usually Arvid and I always plan on a little side trip to another European destination. This year we haven't, we just hope to do some day trips. Always fun and also time on our own for a bit.

It's always good to get together with everyone and have some fun times, but it is also nice for everyone to be considerate towards each other.  I really don't like to over stay our welcome at anyone's place and always like to leave at a decent time when visiting.  Everyone likes their alone time and we are no different.   I said to Arvid, when in company of your brother and girlfriend I don't have a problem staying out late.  Everyone else.....well sometimes it can be too loud and too much.  It's best when it's short and sweet ....

This year Arvid's mom has not been too well.  She said that she wishes for quietness and no crowds, at least not all at once.  That we have to respect.

Aside of everything to see we are also invited to a party. Arvid has already said he was going casual, meaning jeans.  I know everyone is going to be quite spiffed up which is nice, so the question is do I go with jeans or should I take something nicer to wear? Hmmmm....leaning towards the jeans!

Whatever it is we decide to wear or to do I know that if we are together it will be OK.  I look forward to some time alone to shop around and to browse around the mall.  Get me a few sweaters and tops.  Always fun.  This way we all have some alone time.  He with the girls.  There is always a few things that is better to talk about when alone and not have to worry about translating.  Much better for them to spend some time bonding also.  Me i'm happy to just browse around.  Win, win for all of us:)  Good for the soul as well.

No matter what, it will be good to see everyone, check out some favorite places and for Arvid to eat some of his favorite foods again.  First stop is always the hot dog vendor at the airport in Oslo.  Have to say I won't mind one myself this year!

Arvid always says to me, go with the flow.  Problem is, I have a hard time "going with the flow"  Maybe because I question everything.  

In these times I don't, in a manner of speaking, know what I want; perhaps I don't want what I know and want what I don't know...

until next time..