Jul 18, 2012

Team Work...

Many hands make light work.... 

Yesterday was all about team work.  Arvid and I took the day and helped Michelle and Emil to install their guest kitchen.  The day started at 10am and we worked all the way until 4pm.
Well Arvid did most of the hard work of course.  Michelle and I cleaned, held as Arvid sawed and we also did a few other chores.  We cleaned up after Arvid.

It was a very productive day.  We worked well together.  Michelle made us a lite snack and for dinner she prepared a meal her dad is very fond of.  Something I do not make when home in the Chicago nor Florida.
relaxing at Fishland
It requires a special meat you can only buy here in Norway.  Arvid eats this meal once a year and today he ate more that he could actually handle, but he's happy.  We all had a very good day.  I even got the recipe to make this special meal; hopefully we will find the meat in the Norwegian store in Florida.

While installing the kitchen, Arvid realized some parts were missing.  Just small stuff so he goes to the plumbing store to get them.  He comes back and is totally amazed of the cost of things here in Norway.  The items in the US would probably cost $15.00, but here in Norway they cost over $100.  He's still amazed at this.

We left Michelle's close to 6pm and got back pretty tired.  After a nice long and hot shower Arvid asks if I would like to go out and have a cup of coffee.  He said it was nice to have some time alone as well.  Though tired I knew he wanted to get out for a bit so we went.  The evening was beautiful and we had a great time at Fishland.  This is a restaurant on the water within walking distance from where we are stay.
Today looking forward to going to Oslo and having a good time.  Some shopping can always cheer one up:)

Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success..