Sep 22, 2012

$20 Million Wedding...

We Indians love our weddings and there is a lot of social pressure to put up a big show which is mainly paid for by the girl’s family. The ‘show’ culture creates a huge monetary and psychological pressure on the girl’s family and puts the daughter at a disadvantage from birth. It also does not create a favourable environment for the girl child...

If you have the money do you still go ahead with all this extravagance?  Many will agree that a girls wedding is a once in a lifetime deal.  Seeing today's statistics I'm not that sure anymore.  Don't get me wrong.  I believe in marriage and I love being married, but realistically $20 million sounds overboard.  Don't care who you are.
Going through the news online I came across this tidbit.  Word for word here it is.

Possibly the most lavish wedding the world has ever seen happened Friday, in Brunei, where the Sultan's daughter Hajah Hafizah Sururul Bolkiah, 32, married a 29-year-old civil servant.

 The ongoing week-long celebration is estimated to involve 2,000 guests and will end this Sunday night when the newlyweds are presented at court. The ceremony itself, according to the UK paper The Daily Mail, took place in the Istana Nurul Iman Palace, a 1,700 room palace that's home to the Sultan and his family.

 The princess's older brother, heir to the throne of Brunei, married in 2004 at a speculated cost of $5 million, reports say, but wedding planner Maya Kalman, founder of Swank Productionsin New York City confirmed Yahoo!

 There are suspicion/rumors that this wedding might cost much more than that. "The rule of thumb for our average luxury wedding is $1,000 per guest," Kalman says. "I would guesstimate that a no-holds-barred event like this could easily be $15 to $20 million." Those figures include only wedding itself. Additional celebrations throughout the week could be an additional $15 to $20 million, Kalman speculates. --Valerie Isakova 


Love does wonders...Good luck to the new couple!

You don't marry someone you can live with - you marry the person who you cannot live without..