Sep 16, 2012

Last Weeks...

People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.  We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing, while others judge us by what we have already done.....

Soon September will be over, our time in Chicago is coming to an end.  Next stop will be Florida, our home in the winter.  Looking forward to going back there also.  We both miss our friends, favorite palaces and our cars. We are looking forward to just sitting behind the wheel and cruising along the beach.  In the meantime, we are definitely enjoying our last weeks here.
With just a few weekends left, Arvid has checked out all the musical venues in town and we have quite a few options to choose from.  The weather being so very nice also makes it great to just go for walks in the park and along the the lake.  Enjoy some time feeding the duckies and and do some pub hopping along the way.  Perfect way to end our summer in Chicago.

When I was gone for a few days, Arvid as usual was restless.  We were trying to get tickets to go to Buddy Guy's concert, but it was sold out.  Well lasts night Arvid told me that when I was away he was a busy boy running back and forth to check and see if any cancellations has occurred.  Seems like he was lucky.  He got the tickets and we went to the concert last night.

The evening was good.  Lively and very entertaining, as usual we had a great time as you can tell from the pictures.  Afterwards, we did the usual.  We went to our neighborhood pub and had a little more celebration time.  We were in a great mood and combined with the laughter from everyone around the evening was just perfect.  

as Arvid calls this picture "a must for facebook"
As we were sitting some men approached our table.  Seems that Arvid thought they got too close to me and he was about to " kick their asses" as he mildly puts it.  As usual, he says these things in such a way that I am just rolling with laughter.  At that moment he does not see the humor.  Last time we were at the same pub a man said to me that he really loved my hair.  Well let me tell you I had to hold Arvid back.  Then he said he was going to "roll the man over". Not sure what that meant, but I know I was laughing.  Arvid was not!  He entertains me all the time and I know I do the same for him.   Thing is no matter what , where or who we always have a fun time.

cheers to a good Sunday
With just a few weeks, I have to start thinking what I would like to do and where we would like to go.  One of the things we do every year is we try out a different steak restaurant.  This year it was Michael Jordan's Steakhouse.  One of the best steaks ever!!

Being Sunday and after a night of "partying" Arvid is a bit slower.  Breakfast later than usual.  Then comes family calls, maybe a soccer game and out to a nice lunch.  Very relaxing. The evenings are usually spent having some snacks, playing with Brutus and watching some television.

Hope you all have a good day as well.  Remember whatever you do make sure you have fun!  Life is short so live it to the fullest!

Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game... 
The mind is everything; what you think, you become....