Sep 10, 2012


Nieces and nephews are the children that we borrow,
Intending not to raise but merely love,
Ever watchful from our open window,
Caring deeply at a slight remove.
Everywhere you go, my love will follow,
Still part of you wherever you may live....

One of the best times I ever have is when I am spending it with my nieces and nephews.  I have been very lucky this summer.  First I was able to spend a few days in North Carolina with Reshma and Sachin.  They live in Vermont and the few days spent with them was special.  As usual Arvid also enjoyed their company and bonded extremely well with Sachin.  They called it a man's thing.

For a week we were lucky to have Danielle come and stay with us in Chicago.  This was also a wonderful time.  We all enjoyed it and look forward to her coming back next year.

nieces and nephews:)
Now I am visiting Rima and family in Virginia.  It's now time to enjoy Gabby, Riley and Lilly Vade.  Gabby was born in Florida and when I met Arvid, Gabby was only a few months old. I saw him grow up, I baby sat him and like all my nieces and nephews he has a special spot in my heart.

Since I only have a few days I want to do so much with them.  I want to take them to their favorite restaurant and to pamper them in any way possible.  Most of all I want to spend time with them, bond with them and to make sure we all have a good time. Unfortunately, Arvid could not make it this time.  He has been gone a little also and has a few things he needs to catch up on.  I don't mind.  Sometimes it's actually OK to go alone.  I have more time to spend and bond with the mopes.

So far, I have not seen my niece and nephew in PR and this makes me sad.  I somehow have to see how and when we can plan a trip to visit them.

Enjoy your day everyone!

A branch of my family tree that i didn't have to birth but, through you i can experience life and childhood again and show you all that you are worth...each of you are my little treasures forever