Sep 26, 2012

6 Secret Turn-Ons For Men...

A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be....

Again I read something interesting.  Maybe some of you also read it, but if you haven't well here it goes.  It's all about what turns men least according to this article.  It goes as follows:

1.  He loves that you indulge at dinnertime.

When I read the first "turn on" it brought a smile to me.  You see many years ago, on my "first" date in NYC to the man who was to be my first husband, we went out to a breakfast date.  Not being the shy one when it comes to food, I had just about everything on the menu.  Later on my date said he has never in his life see anyone put food away as I did.  Was not sure how to take that one so I just smiled. According to what I read, it seems that men  love women who like to eat — not ladies who say they aren’t hungry and then pick at their date’s food all night.  Guess I don't have a problem there because boy I love to eat!  It seems that men think that a woman with a healthy appetite for food tends to have a healthy appetite on all levels, and being affectionate is absolutely a part of that. Arvid never misses an opportunity to tell people I eat more than him.  He's right of course!

2. He loves your occasional outbursts.
Hearing a woman use profanity out of context gives a guy a shock of adrenaline, explains Ian Kerner, Ph.D.   Gotta say this doctor Ian must be on to something here because wheneve I have a temper outburst, Arvid seems to find it very "sexy" as he calls it. Says he likes the way my eyes sparke and the way my skin glows at that moment.  Of course as long it does not last forever.  Maybe should have a tantrum right now...hmmmmmmm.

toys all over the place
3. He loves that you aren’t a neat freak.
This does not mean that a man wants to find stuff all over the place, such as clutter in the bathroom, closets or hallways.  No, it just means that sometimes for instance when a woman cooks, and if food ends up all over the place, it shows that she’s carefree, and it reminds him to enjoy the moment rather than worry about the consequences.  Arvid has learnt to live and to enjoy many of the "mistakes" that comes with me.  He says that it is fun.  Seems like I amuse him at times.

4. He loves your extra padding.
Sure, you’ve heard that men love women with curves, but how about those extra pounds you’ve been trying to sweat off at the gym? There’s a good chance that your guy loves them, too because it shows that we are not perfect.  Hmmm...guess that means me.  Now to just make Arvid realize that those extra pounds mean extra love???  Haha!

5. He’s fascinated by your knowledge of the things you’re passionate about.
It seems that men become fascinated by whatever it is that gets you all hot and bothered — regardless of whether or not they share the same interests. I have to agree with this very much.  Arvid is of the belief that I should be a politician.  He says he has never met anyone who could talk so much "nonsense" as I yet make it all sound so very credible.  The nonsense bit is just his way to jolt me back to reality.  It’s not about knowing facts — it’s about being passionate about something and that I am.  
 He may not quite get it and he may not want to have all-night discussions about it, but he definitely appreciates the fact that you’re a smart, interesting woman who thinks for herself and doesn’t mold her interests to match those of her partner. 

6. He loves a good head rub from you.
Don’t get me wrong — men love it when you grope their erogenous zones. But that’s not the only type of touch they crave, this according to the article.  Men seem to enjoy having their heads rubbed.  Seems to relax them and get them in the mood for other types of activities.  Have not tried this on Arvid.  He likes to have his feet massaged.  That relaxes him and makes him almost go to sleep.

The truth is there are many things that turn men on.  Being with that person everyday we get to know their most intimate of secrets, needs and desires.  Sometimes just sitting together holding hands and watching TV can be a turn on.  It is all up to what the person likes.  As long as you treat each other with kindness, respect and love that's the start of a lifetime of good things to come.

Have a good day all and go have some fun...test the waters!

A man who treats his woman like a PRINCESS is a proof that he has been born and raised in the arms of a QUEEN.....