Sep 24, 2012

House Of Blues Chicago...

Music can change the world because it can change people.... 

As the days wind down, we are hoping to make it one last time to a few of our favorite spots.  Last night it was time for House of Blues Chicago.  The reason we moved to Chicago was for the music.

I really like it here.  The food is good and there is a fruity drink that I like very much.  Not one for alcoholic beverages, but when here I do have one of these.
Last night is was very cold.  Everywhere we go is usually walking distance so I made sure I was bundled up to the max.  Even had my gloves and scarf ready. Arvid and I have matching House of Blues shirts so I decided to wear mine, and next thing I know he was also changing into his.
As always before we head out Arvid has to "warm up"  This means playing the Blues on Sirius Radio and enjoying a few drinks before hand.  As he says, "it gets him in the mood."  I also prepare for the evening by enjoying a hot cup of coffee or maybe a hot chocolate today.  Arvid makes a great hot chocolate.
The evening was good.  The music, food and drinks also.  Goodbye to the House of Blues until next 

summer.  Our next House of Blues would most likely be in Orlando, Florida.  Music, something about it.  Makes one so relaxed and stress free.  Looking at Arvid right now I see a man in complete harmony with the universe.  He is actually playing hide-and-seek with Brutus!  Yes, all is good in our world.

 May your days be filled with wonder, music and all things special.


One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain...