Sep 30, 2012


Marty: "If I were to ask you what your philosophy of life or your creed, what would that be?" Viv: "Have a good time all the time. That's my philosophy, Marty."

Yesterday was a very beautiful day for sitting out in the sun and looking at the boats pass by as we enjoyed something to drink and something to nibble on.  

The one thing about Chicago that you can count on is that the weather is completely unpredictable.  One minute we are out in the sun with shorts and feeling all nice and warm and then all of a sudden it is windy and cold.  As soon as you are in the shade you need your sweater and in my case a few more warm clothes.

I am ready to go back to Florida as is Arvid and Brutus we are all cold.  Right now Arvid is watching a Soccer game and he is all bundled up with blankets and yes this is inside of the apartment.

Brutus is all tucked under the covers and not so long ago he was also bundled up in his warm outfit.

As usual when it is this chilly it is always good to jump in the hot tub and warm ourselves up a little.

yesterday's outing, a trip to Trump Tower
Today the sun is also shining, but I know that this is deceiving.  It is a gorgeous day outside but also on the cold side.  Does not matter with a little bundling up we will go out and have a nice stroll and  hopefully visit a few other places before it's time to go home.  

Wishing everyone a good Sunday...Stay warm and don't forget whatever you do always try to have a good time.

We always have a good time, no matter what we do or where we go,and I'm glad it shows.