Mar 6, 2014

Brutus Again...

Being patient is one of the hardest things we've learned to do,
 we can't rush things over here...

Finally Brutus' medicines arrive from New Jersey!  So excited.  This 
means that as of today we will start his hyperbaric treatment.  Both Arvid and 
I have high hopes that this combined with his medicines will be that miracle cure we need.

This is what the chamber looks like.  Brutus will be in it for one hour.
At that time he will be give a high dosage of pure oxygen. 

This is one of the kitties being treated in the chamber.  Supposedly,
Brutus will be all relaxed and should even doze off.  I hope so because
I worry that he might try to claw his way out and hurt himself even more.

We have our hope riding that this treatment will be the one that 
will finally make him better.  I have read all about it, have spoken to a good friend 
whose doggies life was saved by it, and at the same place.  Our Brutus needs this badly.
We have tried just about everything we can think of.  Not going to call it our last hope,
just hope it is the treatment that will make him all better again.  He is not even 8 years old as yet.

Yesterday he had his first dosage.  This medicine has a side effect that if Brutus does
not ear or drink something right away, his throat and stomach lining could be damaged
by being burnt.  Guess it's very strong.  So as soon as medicine is over, Arvid takes him to foodies
I take him to the water and if this does not work he gets moist food via a syringe or water by syringe.

In all of this Brutus is not the happiest of campers.  Can you blame the little guy?
We are patient because we have to be and, always hopeful and positive otherwise...

Wishing you all a good day.  Be kind and gentle to each other.

Sometimes being patient is worth it and sometimes it's not. 
I guess only time will tell...