Mar 18, 2014

Won't Give Up...

When nothing is sure, everything is possible..

To say I am tired would be putting it mildly.  All of a sudden it seems everything is
catching up on me.  After the first surgery I thought I was so very lucky to be healing so fast.
And I am, but I guess I did not give it much time either before doing more than I should have.

Came the second surgery and even better yet, I was out of the hospital with only two and a half
hours into recovery,  I say I am one of those rare creatures that heals in minutes.  At least that's
what I thought.  Once again, I started doing more than I should and I guess I am now paying for it.

The last two day I have not been feeling so great.  Can't say I am in excruciating pain because
I'm not.  I ache all over that's true, but on the other hand that's to be expected.  I try to talk more
 than I should and that ends up hurting my throat, again my own fault.  No one but me to blame.

The neck is an irritating reminder that not all is yet good with me.  Bummer.  Also the discomfort
to my stomach is still there.  I sometimes forget about the stomach and focus on taking care of the
neck then something happens, not always pleasant that reminds me I still need to take it easy.

What is really stressing me out though is Brutus.  He is NOT doing good and this time it's more 
than just the paw.  He does not eat.  He sleeps all the time.  He does not play.  He does not
want to be brushed and he does not drink much.  We are trying everything we can think of
but so far we still are not getting the results we want. 

Yesterday at the vet they took more blood.  This time to check his liver function.  They
also took urine samples to check his kidney function and to see if he has additional 
issues going on there as well.  Seeing Brutus this way has really gotten me down.  I thought
we were doing all we could to make him better, but since the treatment he has developed so many 
more complaints.  I am just beside myself with worries.  I have no idea anymore what's going on.

Woke up later than usual today.  Decided to skip the morning medicines for Brutus and wait
to see what the doctor has to say today.  Also the day has not had the best of starts.
Right now it's raining and looks pretty dreary.  For sure it will get better.

Remember friends, everything is possible if you want it bad enough.
Have a good day.

There is power within great sacrifice, within noble deeds. 
There are moments... brief, shining moments when
the impossible becomes possible..