Mar 27, 2014

Brutus Again..

The possibilities are numerous once we decide to act and not react.

As you all know, Brutus has been going through quite a bit lately.  He has had 10
Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber treatments and I have to say that I do believe that this has
helped the swelling tremendously.  We just hope it is more permanent rather that temporary.

He no longer takes a liquid medicine. This was causing all kinds of problems.
He is now taking a pill.  A pill prescribes for humans.  Giving it to him has not 
been as bad as we imagined thanks to some advise from Victoria and to her brown
Norwegian cheese.  He takes the pill rolled up in a little piece of cheese and then I gently
shove down his throat.  Sounds crude, but that's how it is.  Goes down smoothly and no fuss.

As you can see it takes some time to get it all together. During the preparation Brutus
is of course in hiding.  I then have to look all over for him.  He's very smart.  After he
takes the pill, rolled up in the brown cheese, I have to squirt some soft foodies into him
so that he does not get an upset stomach.  Once he takes the pill he refuses to eat and like us
 humans this medicine has to be taken with food.  Not always an easy chore, but we do it all the time.

Everyday I am getting better and better.  We had company for lunch and it made the day
a pleasant day.  I was in the celebrating frame of mind so we had Pina Coladas and 
some other stuff.  Food was good, company was good and it made for pleasant times.

To all of you, have a good day.
And when you think you have exhausted all
your possibilities, remember this... you haven't.

Anything is possible.
Possibilities are endless..