Mar 1, 2014

Beautiful Day Here...

All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking...

Very pleasant start of our day.  After breakfast we went for a nice little walk.
Something we have not done in a while because of me really.  It felt good to get
out of the apartment and feel the fresh air on our faces.  Today was the perfect setting
the skies are blue and there was a crisp coolness in the air that made it even better for a walk.

Arvid was all the way ahead of me.  Yes, I am moving a bit slower, but moving.

Every so often he will stop and wait for me.  He's so cute.  I love looking at everything 
and taking pictures of things.  That's also part of the reason I am always so behind. 
Arvid is constantly telling me to "move it" and to put the camera away.  I rarely listen.
As you can see below, these are some of the pretty sight we encountered during our walk!

It was a perfect morning and the day is looking just as good.  
Finally we got to Skype with Michelle, Emil, Aleah and Chico.
This definitely made our day even better!!!!!

Today Gabby our nephew also turns 16!  
Where has the time gone by?  Little gabby
is now a young man.  We love you Gabby.. ALWAYS AND FOREVER!!

Happy Saturday all...

Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time..