Jun 27, 2014

Feeling Good...

You can never quit.  Winners never quit, and quitters never win...

Our weekend began yesterday.  As a rule, Arvid and I do not need a reason to celebrate.
Yesterday we actually had a few good reasons to do just that.  Started with the soccer game
Yes, USA against Germany.  What a game!  USA may have lost the game, but nevertheless 
the have advanced to the next level.  It was an exciting match made more so because we were 
watching the game at the Pub together with hundreds of other people.  This by the way is a 
German Pub, called Bierhaus.  As you can imagine the Pub was packed both with Germans
and Americans.  People were dressed in the red, white and blue and the only voice heard
was that of the Americans.  yes the German team won, but the crowd was 
GO USA!  GO USA!  I was right there with them!  Very exciting.

I don't know that much about Soccer, but Arvid is a fan and because of him
I get caught up in the game.  Also seeing it together with a very enthusiastic crowd does 
bring it to life so much more than just watching it at home.  I get caught up in the momentum.

I enjoyed it very much, unfortunately I did not get to see the last 20 minutes
of the game.  Had to go to see the doctor and here is where additional celebrating came in.
I went in for the results of my body scan and the results of the last blood work.  Got good
news.  Body is free of additional cancer and the radiation destroyed the leftover thyroid.

Reason to celebrate right there.  Apple Martini was what was called for.  As for Arvid,
there was just relief written all over him.  He held me for the longest time and refused to 
let go.  I was surprised that this was still bothering.  We came home and we continued
 our celebration.  Life is good.  Hopefully no more doctors for another year. 
 Will be nice to not have the calendar filled with doctors appointments

Yesterday was a very good day.  Our team has moved on and I have been
given a clean bill of health.  Am also managing to give Brutus his pill a little better.
For now that is good enough.  Today is a new day and whatever it holds I know 
we can handle it and if we can't we will always strive to do the best we can.

Good morning everyone.  It's Friday after all.
The weekend is here and I think a little trip to the mall is called for:)
and remember, wherever you are be all there.  Give it your best shot.

Life is what we celebrate. All of it everyday.
So stop worrying about the potholes in the road and celebrate the journey....