Jun 24, 2014

One Day At A Time...

I have a new philosophy, 
I'm only going to dread one day at a time...

Yesterday before Arvid was even awake, I was already at the lab waiting for yet another
blood test.  Now I am so used to it i just stick my arm out and before you know it it's all over.
Going there that often has it's "privileges,"  I already know most of the girls.  Also learnt that
the trick of not having to wait forever is to show up as soon as they are open, which is 7am. 
Thing is many have also learnt the same trick.  Got there early thinking I would be if not 
first, then one of the first.  Not the case the place was already crawling with people.
Either way, there are lots of technicians working so it moves fairly fast.

That taken care of, it was time to struggle and battle with Brutus to take his pill.
All of a sudden a technique I had thought to have mastered, that is giving 
him the pill has become one big struggle every day.  Takes me close to
 5 tries before I manage to do it.  By then we are both stressed.

Since coming back from Chicago there has been rain, thunder, lightning and more rain 
combined with humidity.  The good thing is that Brutus is no longer afraid of the thunder. 
 Arvid has been there with him throughout it all.  From the time Brutus was 
a baby,  Arvid would lay on the bed with him and gently talk him out of it.  
He still does and it has worked.  Strange how you can teach them.

As everyone knows, FIFA Games are on.  As you may imagine, Arvid schedules
 everything around them.  Even phone calls.  Busy days for him because quite a few
games on.  Now he switches from one to another.  Believe it or not this has not slowed
us down any.  We just plan our time differently.  Works great.  Yesterday we were in Miami.
This took quite a LONG time, but it was work and the truth is when it's work games take 2nd place.
So he missed it, but those who know Arvid know that this was no big deal either.  
As he said, always another game coming up soon.  He is always happy.

While Arvid was occupied watching yet another game, I took the time and went for 
a manicure and pedicure.  For a change I did not have to rush and was able to enjoy
the foot and hand massage.  I usually skip it because of always something to do.

Sitting next to me was a 90 year old couple.  What was so cute was that even though they 
both appeared to be asleep during their pedicures, the wife never let go of his
hand. I had a smile and when the man woke up of course I chatted with him.
Sharp as a tack he was.  He was given 2 hard candies after they were done.
He gave me one of them.  I told him it was for him and his wife.
He looked at me.  Winked and said, "I want to give it to you."
Well make may day and I'm still smiling.

 Good morning everyone.
Let the good times roll.

When you marry, ask yourself this question:
Do you believe that you will be able to converse well with
this person into your old age?  Everything else in marriage is transitory...