Jun 5, 2014

Not The Happiest Of Times...

One must work with time,
 and not against it...

You can say I've got time on my hands right now.   Yesterday I took the radioactive 
iodine pill.  Now of course my body is radioactive.  Means for the next few days I can't 
be around anyone.  As I have mentioned before, Arvid is long gone. The man really 
does not need a reason to go on a trip, but this time he sure  had a good one. 
 As he tells everyone, "I kicked him out."  In this case it is true.  Told him that
 the doctor said he should be at least 6ft away from me.  He said,
 "if I have to be in a hotel it might as well be in Chicago."

For the last month all he could think of was going back to Chicago.  Of course I will
 also  be going, but first I need to do my isolation time.  From the day he got tickets to
 Chicago let's just say our days are pretty filled up with music. No place like Chicago
for the Blues, his music.  As far as I am concerned it is the most beautiful city in summertime.

Here at home I am already bored by being "locked in"  I guess it's just knowing
you can't go out is what makes me feel so caged in.  Worst is not being able to let
Brutus in the bedroom, play with him nor touch him.  I don't now if I can take 3 days
of his crying.  Now he thinks I don't love him and worst of all he does not know why.

As you can see all he does is cry, try to get in the room and when that does not work,
he just sits quietly next to my flip flops.  This is breaking my heart.
Have to just be strong because it's for his own good that I don't 
get too close to him.  I love you Brutus.

Yesterday was the first day in isolation.  All I can say is that the days
have never seemed longer.  At least in the night I sleep a little, but then
Brutus cries to come in and my rest is over.   I want to let him in so badly.

Worry is a total waste of time. It doesn't change anything.
All it does is steal your joy and keep you 
very busy from doing nothing...