Jun 28, 2014

So Far So Good...

Life is sometimes made of the small moments of 
contentment,  you find in the quiet corners of your day...

As weekends go this has been quite relaxing so far.  Started early for us.  Yes, on Thursday.
That little extra celebration at home just Arvid, Brutus and I made it extra special
We dd try to sleep in a little more on Saturday morning, but Brutus was not
having any of that.  He did his usual and we of course got up to take care
of him.  Brutus is exactly like a baby.  He demands attention, and 
will not deny it, we love giving it to him.

He enjoys being carried around, and Arvid love to do so.  I just love
seeing them together.  Special moments that lasts forever.

Saturday was a beautiful day.  Hot and humid, but nevertheless beautiful.
At some point the skies were dark and then out of nowhere the most beautiful
rainbow was just waiting for me to take it's picture.  I was more than ready to do so.

Arvid and I go and listen to music either Friday or Saturday evenings.  It's a must
for us.  Arvid loves music and I love seeing him all blissed out and happy.
I also enjoy the music very much, but for sure Arvid is the music lover
in this family.  He has even trained Brutus to like the Blues.

A Friday night must is to blast the jukebox.  As Arvid says, it's a good way
to put us in the mood for the evening.  The man is right again.  He always ends
with  three of our favorite songs and sometimes we even dance away to it.
Arvid is a romantic and just lovable.  Hard to stay mad with him for long.

Last night we went to listen to Albert Castiglia.  Only way to describe his is
he's GOOD!  The man knows how to play the guitar.  It was the first time
going to this location and I'm sure it will not be the last.

It's only Saturday.  Seems as if we have already been in weekend mode for quite some time.
 Ahhh feels so good.  Soccer begins again today. Our bets are already made.  First round I lost
to Arvid, but this time  I am sure I will be the winner.  Arvid loves to bet and so do I.

Don't know what the day hold as yet, but I'm sure it will be interesting.
My friend Doreen from New York is visiting so maybe we will do lunch together.
Unfortunately, I was not able to give Brutus his pills.  He fought and it all came back out.

To all hope the weekend so far has been good.
Remember, where words leave off, music begins.
Always look for something positive about this moment.  
Even if you have to look a little harder than usual, it still exists.

When you smile about the life you live,
you end up living a life worth smiling about...