Nov 18, 2014

Ahhh Brutus.....

When I am feeling low, all I have to do is watch Brutus and my courage returns....

I wake up every morning around 4am just to take Brutus to the bathroom where he has his 
food, water, and litter.  If I am not awake, he just keeps walking over and over us until I move.
I don't mind because I know at this hour for sure he will eat, drink and most likely use the litter pan.

This is good because for the pills to not upset him too much he needs to eat a little foodies first.
Even though Brutus knows what's coming and even though he hides from me, I eventually
 catch him and force the pills down.  The routine is not something either of us enjoys, but 
I will do it as long as necessary.  I catch him lock him in the bathroom, fold his pills 
in the pill pockets, prepare about 10 syringes with water and the go to the
 bathroom.  Through all of this he is crying as loudly as he can.

You would think that after this Brutus will just hide from me, but somehow he has figured
out that he is now safe for a while.   That is until the evening dose.  He then comes to
 me and  "begs" to be brushed.  I gladly do so.  I try to give him a few treats.  
Sometimes he eats then other times like today he didn't.  

The thing about pets, at least Brutus is that even though he knows I will give him the pill, 
he never stops loving me.  Granted he runs all the time away, but sooner or later 
he comes back purring and even more affectionate than ever. I need no
reason to love him, but if I did this was more than enough.

Wishing you all a very good day and I say,
"I hope to be the kind of person my Brutus thinks I am."

Animals do speak, but only to those who know how to listen...