Nov 25, 2014

Hello Tuesday...

Life is as easy or as hard as you think it is....

If there is anything that can turn my day from a good one to a bad one it is Brutus not being 
well.  Today started off great, but rapidly took a turn for not so good.  Brutus got his 
medicines as usual early this morning and as I have mentioned before 
this is getting to be more and more difficult everyday.

I finally managed to give him his pills and continued on to do my chores.  Within an hour 
of taking the pill everything was all puked out.  As if that was not bad enough, now 
he is not eating nor drinking again.  Yes, is stomach is once again upset.

Just finished giving him a Pepcid.  Hopefully he does not puke it out and hopefully soon
 he will eat and drink again.  Not happy right now.  On a brighter note we just Skyped 
with Aleah and Michelle for 45 minutes.  That little one is a ray of sunshine.

Also to always cheer me up there is Arvid.  Today I told him that I wanted him to 
make salad as I prepared the rest.  After a little hesitation he starts chopping tomatoes 
and cucumbers.  Next thing I know he says to me, "well look at me,
 I'm soon becoming a gourmet chef."  Had to smile.

Hope your day has been good so far.  Brutus had another Pepcid and it seemed to help 
his stomach.  He has eaten a little and is now sleeping.  I'm starting to already feel
 much better.  The day is looking up. Remember the day is what you make it!
So why not make it a great one? 

The greatest discovery of all time is that a person 
can change his future by merely changing his attitude...