Nov 21, 2014

Christmas In The Air...

It's the MOST wonderful time of the year...

Everywhere we turn I see Christmas.  My most favorite time of the year.  Too bad Arvid
does not like Christmas.  I love it and have had the best Christmases when I was a child.  
At home with my parents and sisters.  Christmas was always special with family.

Yesterday we took a trip to the mall.  Actually I did while Arvid had a little business meeting.  
I always enjoy these moments on my own and going to the mall is always more fun 
when I do it alone.  Then  can do whatever I like and take as much time doing it.

At Christmas I always long to be back with all my family in that cozy bond we share.  
One of these days hopefully it will work out where we can all be together again.
 With 5 of us it is not easy to all meet up at the same place and same time.  
And with kids even more difficult for my sisters.  Not easy.

Yesterday I just walked around admiring all the Christmas decoration and lights. I can spend 
hours just looking and during this season there is so much to see.  Also I could not help browsing 
for Christmas presents.  Now that we have a grand-daughter and another on the way
 one of my favorite departments is the baby department.  Did the same when my 
sisters had little ones. Lilly is still a "baby" so I also love to buy her girlie things.  
Saw the most adorable clothes for Aleah.  Next summer she will be
 two years old.  Can't wait to buy her stuff.  Makes me happy.

Though Arvid does not like Christmas, nor Christmas music, nothing can stop me 
from getting into the Christmas Spirit.  Just feels right and just so beautiful.
What made me even happier was that I have begun to buy presents for the
 special people in my life. Little things but I'm happy.

Wishing you all a jolly happy day.  Remember that Christmas is 
not about receiving but it is about family, friendship and all things good.
Happy Friday everyone!  Let's all have a good weekend.

If we are ever to enjoy life, now is the time.  Not tomorrow.
Not next year.  Today should always be our most wonderful day...