Nov 23, 2014

Weekend Soon Done...

If you don't start out the day with a smile,
it is not too late to start practicing for tomorrow...

Sunday evening at home.  Nice and quiet.  Time to relax and enjoy the last few hours before 
the work week begins.  It has been a really good weekend even with the rain and wind.
We had enjoyed the company of good friends, and we have had some good quality 
time together the three of us.  Relaxing and stress free.  The best.

Brutus' paw is looking good.  I am afraid that if I say so something might go wrong again.
 He is still taking tons of medicines.  Sadly these medicines affect his bowel movements.
  Right now I have him locked in his room with the litter pan hoping he uses it.

Half an hour later and he has done his business.  Yes, this has been a good weekend
so far.  Arvid and I had our outing and in the process we got to tour Sawgrass Mills Mall
for a little.  have to say it too about 45 minutes to find parking, but once we did all was good.

Not to watch some television.  Have my fruit and some warm milk.
Yes, it will be the perfect end to the weekend.  All 3 of us happy and content.

Hope your day has also been good so far.
 Enjoy the rest of it and for those going to bed, Sweet Dreams.

Make today ridiculously AMAZING...