Dec 9, 2015

And So Begins Another Day...

Good Morning.  No matter how good or bad your life is,
wake up each morning and be thankful that you still have one..

It's been days, maybe weeks since I last saw the sun shining as I woke up.
There has been rain and more rain like never before.  Unusual for this time of the year,
especially when you add the high humidity in the air.  Hopefully today will
 be the start of better days to come in more ways than  one.

Big boats are back out cruising under clear bright skies.  Makes for a pleasant sight.

The annual boat parade is on on Saturday.  same as in past years we will be
 having company.  Last year Brutus was a part of it.  Not this year.  Will be Shadows first 
of many things to come. He unlike Brutus, is a rascal (cute) maker so have to be on the lookout.

This year it will be 8 of us.  7 adults and 1 child, Madeline. Looking forward to the company 
and the best part is that I know no one will overstay their welcome. As I have said
 before, dear friends and family,  thanks for visiting, but just remember don't overstay 
your welcome.  I am still not ready to be social for hours and hours. 

That being said I am sure we will have a good time.  
Already started preparing some of the food we will nibble on.

 To all a good day. As always let it be better than yesterday.

Missing you is what I do, but everyday the sun is new as well..